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Street lights extinguished,

but your candlelight,

has been shining in the rain,

all longings,

entrusted to the pole outside the window,

sending you,

my deep love,

that shuttles between,

day and night,

the rain now,

it’s no longer tapping a rhythm,

the sound of it impacting the ground,

as my heart calling you,

knowing that on your plains,

there’s still tears and lightning,

i don’t want to hear you cry,


that ghostly curse,

the truth of a real love,

there’s also torn pain,

in the silent sky,

rain retelling,

we shouldn’t care,

bumps in the road,

a road rinsed by rain,

frogs retelling,

by the candlelight,

blessings of the night,

the colored threads of yours and mine,

woven into a future,

into a golden autumn.

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