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Finding edelweiss

Clad in white sweaters,

blooming on the Alps,

memories are your clever language,

and hysterical sweet words,

ears passing,

the dreamy Danube,

a magic flute,

like the distant,



eyes gazing,

at the black and white keys of,


a roundabout,

and tactful,

Le Nozze di Firago,

when thoughts are lodged,

in the faraway glacier,

and frozen,

in the Vienna State Opera,

many things are touched,

by a kind of innate inspiration,

this complex simplicity,

like the delicate charm,

in two centimeters of,

white petals.

Wind and shadow

Fading time,

can’t catch,

a petal,

fragrance of gardenia,

shadows are desolate,

sadness falling on branches,

a turn in the road,

a pebble,

to size up,

moments polished by time,

and the happy looks we had,

at dusk.


Frosty fragrance,

dark convergence,

swinging ripples,

the cyan sky,

like her eyes,

stringed music,

like flowing water,

tipsy attic,


a gentle moment,


familiar and obsolete,

merry airstream,

once windy,

difficult to look back,


old dreams,

can’t let go,

a floc of flower spike,

an alluring ray,

a curtain of quiet dream,

a volley of feathers,

looking back,

the breakpoint,

the eaves,

the swing,


at the end of the world.


heavy inks and colors,
in a painting,
no match for the lightness of the nature,
spring summer fall and winter,
a glimpse of,
bright arcs drawn by the meteor,
a shining glistening life,
at the ends of the earth,
a life of,
blooming flowers
waning moon,
one man,
one stage,
no halo,
no fans,
ordinary brilliance,
the sun can’t hear the cursing,
the moon can’t taste the praises,
an ordinary life,
so real,
true colors,
fully revealed.

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