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blowing the manic city,

feelings ruffled,

the tumultuous tempests of the mortal world,

coming and going,

forgetting the feeling,

when the autumn wind grazes the lapel,

sitting on a rock,

listening to the din,

during the blank breathing,

the diminuendo of the lights,

shadow elongating,


and humble.

Imaginary Fantasy

A legend has no color,

the river of dreams,

in the midsummer starlight,

Silently dripping,

imaginary fantasy,

no raft,

no waves of grass,

no secluded distances,

only hope,


in the silence,

when eyes are closed,



and lasting,

a quiet miracle,

a blue river,

the river of dreams,

like a rope,

in the space of imagination,

spreading ,

enchanting rhythms,

a dawn full of flowers,


and imagination.

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