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A touch of love

Light blue background,

unrestrained fantasy,

a touch of love,

a visit by inspiration,


some knowledge of,

the gentleness of the autumn,

wrapped in colorful seasons,

opening a flowery gift,

There are seeds of spring,

luxuriance of summer,

hues of autumn,

desolation of winter,

There is the joy of spring,

the passion of summer,

solemnity of autumn,

calmness of winter,

A touch of love,


a visit by inspiration.


Imaginary Fantasy

A legend has no color,

the river of dreams,

in the midsummer starlight,

Silently dripping,

imaginary fantasy,

no raft,

no waves of grass,

no secluded distances,

only hope,


in the silence,

when eyes are closed,



and lasting,

a quiet miracle,

a blue river,

the river of dreams,

like a rope,

in the space of imagination,

spreading ,

enchanting rhythms,

a dawn full of flowers,


and imagination.

Benjamin Button

Clock reversed,
every minute every second,
then reappear,
lying in the heart of the river,
the whirlpool of feelings rushes out,
every vivid visage.
A beautiful poem torn to powder and dust,
every inch of time,
all lives extend downwards,
into the underground,
geocentric temperature is not so high,
some warmth,
some soft light.
The tide inundates his forehead,
under the bright moonlight,
gecko-infested wall collapsed,
some things are worth practicing,
an ideal,
a way of life.
Benjamin and Daisy,
a sad but not tragic ending,
so calm,
awaiting to remove makeup.

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