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An Autumn Walk

written with Aaron the jewish dude

Poems (poesie)

Lets find a

Leafy colorful afternoon

to take a walk

Don’t say

You don’t have the time

Lets find a

Cozy grove at the end of the road

With a park bench to sit on

Where there’s a beautiful mood

The soft warm sun and cerulean skies

Won’t wait for you

Neither will the wind stop for awhile

The birds chirp melodies

Above our heads

Watch them fly

Going here and there

In the blue sky

We can see kids

Playing around

Having fun

Being happy

Enjoying their youth

It’s not dark yet

We can stay even then

Though a light chill

We are warm

Lets smile

Find some peace

Let our bodies relax

Drift in calmness

Lets take a walk

Nothing to do with duties

Just talk about this vivid

Delightful scenery

Done by me and ChinHooi

To see his work check out:

Pictures taken by me

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Life is like a piece of land

gratitude is the rain

gratitude enables a seed to germinate

gratitude can make flowers bloom

more beautifully

an encounter

an act of giving

a companionship

some comfort

in the past

they’re inseperable from

the bits and pieces of life

they all come from the continuing emotion

of love

gratitude is what makes life

so much more


Small town

Small town,

on this starry night,

the playback of old times on vinyl,

small town had our dreams,

osiers standing silently,

along the causeway,



Pious mountain,
towering over the clear hyaline,
heart of lake,
guarding the faith,
day and night,
rejecting the rending,
tearing apart of flesh,
at the door,
table full of aromatic,

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