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The fall

A fallen leaf,

awakened the season,

a drop of cold,

biting dew,

dyed the forests yellow,

brilliant purples and reds are,

the notes of autumn,

swallows flying away,

the people leaving,



Rays of sunlight soft and tender,
stingy or shy,
traces of west wind,
scrimpy or bitter,
tall ginkgo trees,
a vast forest,

Floating leaves

Another autumn,

leaves dyeing a layer of colorful,


wind blowing,

leaves floating,

rain rain,


Green autumn

Soundless wind blowing,

red river flowing,

in the clouds,

golden glow floating,

through the sky,

orange sun,

walking westward,

here the grass is still green,

babyish sun growing,

warmth rising,

undulating waves of grass,

awakened tides of the morning,

dancing butterflies and feathers,

just like the passionate colorful sails of summer,

the wonderful notes of the moon,

words of the nature,

sky is the composer,

in the pure autumn,

a flaming red dress,

a green bride

a blue sedan,

an excellent matchmaking,

by the nature.



A lost butterfly,
another autumn,
the polished dail of time,
a season of flying rain,
eroded by the wind,
the lost butterfly,
broke into,
another nightmare,
still clinging,
to the dewy petals,
lamenting the time,
in the residual wind,
the beauty of the past,
what’s withering away,
isn’t just the autumn.

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