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Secrets of the sky

The sky full of clouds

always captured our imagination

we always felt

what’s hidden

behind the clouds

whether the sky ever gets exhausted

and doesn’t want people to see its face

or that it has a lot of secrets

sadness that can’t be said

however the power of the sky

is great and strong

it won’t take long

for sadness to go away

and the sky will show us

its clear and bright appearance







A soft flash of light

turns into pupil of the eye

silent mood and moments

condensing the rising sun

in the distance outside the window

a sea of flickering lights

soon a beam of sun drifts to the sky

like dainties of springtime

flooding the town the city


but understandably

this is the coming of a new spring

the morning sun

the watchtower

the world

this is the true essence

of the century.

Confronting steel

Confronting steel,
confronting a kind of divinity,
the ore under the feet,
flourishing in the eyes,
a great many steel flowers,
generations of,
withering and blooming flowers of steel,
it is a pattern,
a persistent and untiring hope,
and this hope,
collated with the future,
an abiding faith,
just like before,
confronting steel,
is like,
confronting a kind of divinity.

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