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Orange love

A magical apartment

acting out modern comedy

an orange-scented atmosphere

neon-colored melodies

the cold biting wind


Landscape in the mist

The winter wind,

holding a knife,

crushing excitement,

leaving just a coat,

shivering alone,

on solitary clothesline,

Pencil of a painter,


Finding edelweiss

Clad in white sweaters,

blooming on the Alps,

memories are your clever language,

and hysterical sweet words,

ears passing,

the dreamy Danube,

a magic flute,

like the distant,



eyes gazing,

at the black and white keys of,


a roundabout,

and tactful,

Le Nozze di Firago,

when thoughts are lodged,

in the faraway glacier,

and frozen,

in the Vienna State Opera,

many things are touched,

by a kind of innate inspiration,

this complex simplicity,

like the delicate charm,

in two centimeters of,

white petals.

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