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Stand by me

The childhood friend whom
i grew up with
the incredible
cluelessness of
the carefreeness
the dreams of adults
drifting away
counting on movies
to tidy up
the scattered debris
now it looks like it’s simply
too difficult
the carnival of children’s day
the revelry
the time of naivete
and elapsed
Doraemon and Nobita are
no longer alone
after all the world is
bright and dazzling
the story will not return
in the age which
tears don’t fall.

Video game

Vines crawling
on the old mottled wall
fog bypassing
the fence
enveloping the entire
the mystic sky over the castle
a lightning awakening
the gloomy valley
ghosts and goblins floating
extinguishing white candles
a witch with a broom
the silver haired wizard in a black hat
standing in the darkness of spells
the enchanted princess sleeping
in the black chalet
prince charming leading a team of
sinister roses blooming quietly
spitting murky fog
tongues of flames light up the dark tunnel
the prince kills the bloodthirsty bats witches and
a clan of phantoms
the prince kisses to wake the princess who’s been asleep
for a millenium.

Orange love

A magical apartment

acting out modern comedy

an orange-scented atmosphere

neon-colored melodies

the cold biting wind


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