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looking out the window,

birds flying freely in the sky,

flowers in the morning breeze,

and grass growing,



Some thoughts on life

A big towering tree on the mountaintop,

it has slowly grown up,

it seems to be still a young tree,

yet it contains a trace of vigorous hope.

A soaring eagle in the wide blue sky,

feathers and wings growing increasingly strong,

and it seems to be still a young eagle,

yet it is bursting through the clouds,

with passionate madness.

Grass on the roadside,

breaking through the soil quietly,

it seems to be a little scared,

yet the feeling is mixed with,

an indomitable force.


Fly away,
into the faraway place,
it is you,
migratory birds in the memory,
looking for,
and competing perfection,
more perfect nests,
not the breath of spring,
please don’t,
don’t place the false springtime into the wintry dream,

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