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The colored pencils

the sun gives me

i use to draw

the freedom of the day

the evergreens outside

the distant estuary

the river faraway

docked in monumental thinking

life, love and liberty

like a lighthouse lighting the way for me

dreams grow in the moonlight until dawn comes up and smiles

birds of the sky

fish of the sea

give me flying wings

from mountains to the prairie

colorful dreams so gorgeously

beautiful like garden in spring

i love everything the natures gives

i sing and sing

for it’s worth it.

The color blue

The blue

icy ocean


bright blue bubbles

the blue sky


light blue clouds

ancient trunks

entangled in blue secrets

branches covered

with blue flowers


flashing dark blue light

sounds of lovely fauna

from delicate blue flora

blue kingfisher


over the underbrush

the elk’s horn

playing a blue


blue gazelles

running in the blue breaths

of the earth

scarlet flames of flamingos

turn purple

and blue

the prairie wolf

taking a light blue drink

by the lake

its eyes

projecting a sharp

blue light

of a blue planet.




sweeps away a chilly day


with exuberant charm

in the sprouting season


dispels the remaining doubts

distills the rainy climate

with freshness

stirs up longings

like graceful sea waves


standing inadvertently

on the edge of the fragrant season

standing straight

in the dream of the waterlily

blooming quietly

before the flood of

the peach blossoms.

My fairytale kingdom

I want to create a fairy tale kingdom

using all the good things in this universe

the sky must be studded with diamonds and pearls

everyday i sit in a hot air balloon

soar the world beyond the moon

i want to put wings on the sun

let it chase off all dark and dirt

i want to layer the ground with cake and flowersc3169716fdfaaf51f663c1098c5494eef11f7a94.jpg

add some fountains and bubblers

let the song of lark fly

all around the sky far and nearby

all souls are crystal-like

love and happiness are

all of life.







Childhood is the song

that passes through the valley

echoes above the clouds

stays in the field

sweetens dreams

childhood is

running in the sunset

sprinkling laughter across the grass

surrounded by the aroma of flowers

naivete recorded in the call of the wind

in the quiet and ease of time

childhood is

turning callow memories

into soft and smooth pillow

watching the sky and earth

on charming a landscape

in a world is small and round.





in that distant

river of stars

every dream is


into bright light



flickering in the sky


into a fluorescent freshet

in the stellar sward

endless hope







Sakura beneath the moonlight

Half a moon

soft light shines down

the village is asleep

the village has a dream

the dream is bedewed cherry blossoms

the dream is elegant


sakura outside the village

it has a dream

exuding delicate fragrance

this is the best way it knows to express

a simple wish.


Lightness of nature

Quiet multicolored rainbow

is the ladder of desire

bluish silvery sky

is the sea of dreams

soft hissing sound

in the night

reveals the curiosity of the universe

houses are seamlessly mixed with the glory of moon

a catkin

stops in the palm

a bird

calls a few times

waking up gentle leaves

waking up passion

greenish fog fills the sky

amidst the town.


Rhapsody of the sea

What is in the sea?

colorful bubbles

strange elephantine fishes

dragging behind them long trail of mucus

palace inlaid with candies

with elves dancing among the corals

what is in the sea?

whirlpool of rapids

turbulent undercurrent

mysterious reefs

once closed in it’s hard to break free

lost shipwrecks

forgotten dragons

stirring winds and waves

spurring ships on the surface

what is the sea?

a mirror

a pool of blue billow

the day rises from the end of the sea

with golden hopes and miracles

a small rotation of the compass

this is the march of the east

a sailing to faraway places

sailing forward

what is the sea?

the unknown is not just precarious icebergs

the parlous storm

it makes people move forward unswervingly

because of dreams

reflecting the sun, the sky, the sea

and melodious memories.







Aspiration is a rock

that produces the starry spark

aspiration is a spark

that lights up a lamp

aspiration is a lamp

that illumines the night road

aspiration is a road

that leads to dawn

life is a flame

aspiration is the wick.

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