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A song

In countless frantic nights,

i see you standing in the wind,

when i’m in a trance,

every heartstring tugged,

when there’s your joy and sighs,

flowers raining down from,

the cherry tree ,



Noisy sound of leaves,

ushering in the dawn,

the light greets the pond,

and the waves startled,

the light in my face,

soft and delicate,

the sun breaking,

the speechless sky,

shining into the distance,

the birds sing,

and walk way quietly,

a cyan stairs,

and a turqoise curtain,

the thread of time,

hanging on the branches,

the morning light,

flowing slow,

with clear water,

into the ocean,

pearly dawn,

begins to sail,

its not like any other dawn,

it’s the glittering dawn,

of July.

Lighter time

Time elapsing,

youth fading,

tinted with decadence,

and withered yellow,

walking on the beach,

one step,

two steps,


Rain of roses

What a quiet night outside,
the sound of a petal falling,
where are you my love.
Waking up slowly at dawn,
a shout outside the window,
standing up quickly,
running to the window,
you’re sweating,
eyes burning,
standing in front of me,
my heart,
like a bird flying.
Moments later,
it begins to rain,
you and i,
running in the rain,
the backyard,
delicate flowers,
dark green grass,
in the rain,
you and i,
hand in hand,
the raindrops,
falling on us,
dark clouds,
blotting out the sun,
you and i,
this is the moment,
the rain above us,
like roses,
the flowers on the ground,
like a celebrant,
a blessing,
for us.


Crimson lights
like burning fire
the furnace
calcining the library
boiling heat transfer,
smelting the inky night,
the poetsmith,
painstaking efforts,
helping the combustion
linking the night
with the self
a poem
just like
the water-washed dawn
jumping out of
the heart of the river.

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