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Meditation is not indifference

meditation is not reticence

meditation is a kind of learning

simple yet recondite

serene and wise

calm contrivance

meditation is a virtue

a kind of wisdom

a kind of knowledge

a kind of grace

a kind of force

a kind of art

a kind of wealth

the meditative sun is a kind of glory

the meditative mountain is towering

the meditative blue sky is lofty

the meditative earth is broad

the meditative grassland is vast

the meditative time is profound

the meditative elderly is maturity

the sea after meditation

finally rolls up the waves

the horizon after meditation

finally raises up the sun

after all the meditation

the natural world finally awakens

a new year

a new spring

after years of meditation

history finally lights up

new students.






A pot of tea

A pot of tea

a curl of soaring fragrance

green freshness reproduced

emanating a flavor like mist

a breath like the broadness

of waves

softness of tea

high-spirited and refreshing

bitterness of tea

cleanses the soul

refines the mood

tea is a purifying agent

it purifies the dust of heart

tea is refreshment

it moistens wisdom

tea soaked in hot water

a taste of ordinariness and greatness

the soul of tea

is a kind of aftertaste

naturalness and light-heartedness.

A silent night

The chime of bell carries



the night sky be woken up

layers of snow


reveling children raising

a bouquet of bright light

sharing the stars

white moonlight

golden blessings

there’s no race

no barriers


the world is shrouded in clear crystal

farawayness is not a distance


Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays

Happy New Year.


Sword in the shealth

sakura in the wind

tea in the cup

it’s most noble when

a sword is shealthed

its most beautiful when

cherry blossoms fall

it’s most heady when

tea leaves are out of the soup

me in the past didn’t know how

to cherish every drop

of yesterday

when cherry blossoms fall

we realize a sword can’t cut sorrow

and tea can’t wash away


when the wind rises

cherry blossoms dissolve

into the sea of thoughts

and turn into a touch of


and sweetness

once upon a time

sword sakura and tea

were three poems hard to mention

now let’s just

let’s put down this blade

and drink this cold tea

beneath this lamp

like the soul of sakura

destined to return

to the ground.

Mid-autumn festival

is the hope and prayer
of the year
a hope
from generation to generation
it carries many many myths
and legends
will forever be
in the hearts of
12 cycles
12 waxes and wanes
for once
you have come full circle
the bright moonlight
like holy water sprinkled
every heart lights up
immersed in such a night
everything flashing
hope and harvest coexist
a full moon in the sky
round round moon cakes
nourish the heart
every smile is
because tonight
we harvest the ripe success
and sow a new round

Lonely city

Heavy rain
the city is drenched
the soggy city
walking like lost soul
with nowhere to go
night sky
no stars of childhood
threads of light flashing
the air
filled with sour smell of
rotting foods
all of this
is life
lonely souls
in the steel and concrete cage
in lights and wines.


The glaze of jade
a genteel gracious form
boundless majestic charm
many are more than willing
to have such
a prerequisite for becoming
a porcelain
is to break itself
and become tiny
stirred in the furnace
added with various additives
then rotated violently
a fragmented world
an experience of the toughest
and it’s still
just mud and clay
to be modeled and shaped
to enjoy the beauty of
the expression of fantasy
vase wineware and censer
practical ornamental ritual
to be created a different self
fifteen hundred degrees of temperature
a hundred and sixty eight hours of
where the mind is like a stopped
where stars seem dejected
and escaping
when the door of the kiln
after days of losing hope
it has been
converted into
cheering with pride
looking up and down
unable to believe all this
during the sudden cooling
the mind releases
thousands of breathtaking
the journey of metamorphosis
the discovery
that it’s not clay
however the mental state
remains the changing clay
that needs
various pigments
and paintbrushes
without a noble soul
it’d still be
just clay
a porcelain in display
warm moist patina
refined elegant style
beautiful powerful painting
worthy of

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