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Give your life

some alone time

feel the power of silence

in solitude

turn off the phone

close your eyes

clear your mind

listen quietly

the heart beating

blood flowing


in the blue sky


the goal and course


with the tide


with the sea breeze

being alone

not just a spiritual and emotional experience

it is

a wonderful realm of life

life moves in solitude

spirit grows in solitude

mind changes in solitude

soul sublimates in solitude

thoughts shines in solitude

creativity sprouts

in solitude.




Sword in the shealth

sakura in the wind

tea in the cup

it’s most noble when

a sword is shealthed

its most beautiful when

cherry blossoms fall

it’s most heady when

tea leaves are out of the soup

me in the past didn’t know how

to cherish every drop

of yesterday

when cherry blossoms fall

we realize a sword can’t cut sorrow

and tea can’t wash away


when the wind rises

cherry blossoms dissolve

into the sea of thoughts

and turn into a touch of


and sweetness

once upon a time

sword sakura and tea

were three poems hard to mention

now let’s just

let’s put down this blade

and drink this cold tea

beneath this lamp

like the soul of sakura

destined to return

to the ground.

Misty morning

The contour of peaks

is a group of ponderous tottering elephants

terkking strenuously in the horizon

panting body covered with

impressionistic white lotuses

in their resting place

the warm warm sun is still


like a baby whale drinking the sky

the eyes of the forest lake

wide open with anticipation

the quiet serene scenery

peace from the water passage to the mountainside

a pair of dragonflies on a flower

the clear bright dew is a star

still sound asleep.

The edge of a scenery

It’s a kind of yearning

walking on the edge of a scenery

looking forward to a beautiful dream

chewing on the flavor of the scenery

it’s a kind of mood

walking on the edge of a scenery

listening to the story of the scenery


letting the heart melt

into the scenery

of the story

it’s a kind of obsession

walking on the edge of a scenery

approaching the center of the scenery

dreaming of becoming

a scenery within

a scenery

it’s a kind of fog

walking on the edge of a scenery

 mysterious veil obscuring the scenery

yet the thoughts are enriching

the space of the scenery.


Thinking is
constantly updated
a realm can be
a webpage is
regularly updated
life is everlastingly
being updated
to dilute
the mundane
even the slightest bit
is great joy.


The sky is pale
water is blue
wind is salty
fish flying
in the sky
birds boating
in the ocean
green grass
red grass
a red house
sititng on the shore
the world is simple
a few strings
pulling on a group of

The mind

Starting to exit
the maze of ideas
when dream is trickling from
the hourglass
an idea about an island
appears on the mind
it is consonant with sleep
and beginning to ascend


It’s April
wandering in the street warmed by the sun
the sky is the long lost
a trace of sweetness
amidst the brightness
nature is strings of flowers
colors are clamoring
i like such a street
everything is so natural
exuding charming hope
and light of spring
it’s April
sitting on a bench by the lake
falling into sleep
sun lurking
amongst mottled shadows of trees
the lake water passionate and gentle
sending waves of breeze
it’s April
eyes are bright
hearts are leisurely
like long drawn-out frangrance
it’s April
lives resurrected in the sun
the outline of life is
smooth yet a little bumpy
in April.

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