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Quiet night

The quiet moonlight

the crystalization of endless imagination

night deepens

in silent respiration

listening to the rhythm

of the growth of seedlings

in the field

who made the night so quiet

and serene

the bygone years

in the haze

drifting further and further away

night deepens


so quiet it makes a pure heart




permeating sky

layer upon layer of

rolled up twilight sea

emitting warm warm light of the sun


spreading in the ocean

waves rising surging

in the center of the water



reflecting the wandering of the moon

vast and green

glistening green beneath

a whirl of melancholy

a whirl of wind


undulating jittering


in a marine diamond ring.


Colors of autumn faded

the snow is the plain attire

of the forest

the curves of rimes and icicles

enchanting like jade

like ice

simplicity is beautiful

having cast off the golden necklace

the bird simplifies its plumage

soaring in the sky

victorious on the coast

simplicity is strength

having laid down the silly greed

simplicity in life

no need for excessive wrapping and packaging

just light regimen and wellness

simplicity is elegance.


Milky negative ions

dancing up and down like elves

installing bright new panes of glass

on the window of the heart

the lungs are breathing in

freshness of phytoncide

clear crisp birdsong

like a pipette

drawing up adeptly

persplexity lurking in the heart

sunshine reciting

in the forest

swaying loving eyes

forgotten on a hilltop

there’s the outline of a mountain deer

running away to the other side

of the sky.

The edge of a scenery

It’s a kind of yearning

walking on the edge of a scenery

looking forward to a beautiful dream

chewing on the flavor of the scenery

it’s a kind of mood

walking on the edge of a scenery

listening to the story of the scenery


letting the heart melt

into the scenery

of the story

it’s a kind of obsession

walking on the edge of a scenery

approaching the center of the scenery

dreaming of becoming

a scenery within

a scenery

it’s a kind of fog

walking on the edge of a scenery

 mysterious veil obscuring the scenery

yet the thoughts are enriching

the space of the scenery.



the world suffused with,

sultry air,

senescent trees blazing,

in the sun,

cicadas crooning,

listless subfusc cazonet,

flies applauding,





southbound migratory birds,

evoking sentimentality,

of the wandering clouds,


standing on a hill,

overlooking treetops,

argent night,

bedimming faint melancholy,


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