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The City

A line of buildings
towering achitecture
neon lights at night
the electronic screens
urban development
walking in the plaza
walking through the streets
the soul restless
as if walking on the path
of memory
the quiet dream
of life
the city is young
and rapidly changing
new scenes emerging
from time to time
can never catch up
with the pace of development
it makes you feel
no longer young
4G networks
the offsite rendezvous
transoceanic sounds
this is not a dream
for that dream has become part of
the content of
the city is overflying
its former shadow
it is developing
it can’t stay
in the memory of its own
it is writing a book of life
with passion
and we should
write our names
in the city
with sincerity
turn the city into
a bright smile
and bear in mind
our share of the


A city,

a window,

an open space,

 a vent,

skyscrapers in daytime,

embellishing this city,

lights at night,

adorning this window,


A statue

Standing at the center of the city square,

neon is her garment,

the magnificent moon,

a dowry.

Dews and rime,

following the footsteps of her happiness,

Daubed with hymn,

sent to the sacred wedding hall.

plain white floor-length dress,

moving towards the breeze,

she is,

an ordinary pretty woman in the city.

She breaks the Cupid’s arrow,

facing the rays,

that are about to gush and spill on the horizon,

holding the Cupid’s golden arrow aloft,

she feels fabulous.



streetlights are lit,

neon shining,

a flashy city,

highlighting the loneliness of the returning birds,

a traveler,

a city,


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