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Dreams of childhood

The sky of childhood is azure

the dream of childhood is sweet

the dream of childhood is a winter morning

hiding in bed

looking at the window grilles

listening to fairy tales

the dream of childhood is a prairie of spring

a group of friends

running around amongst wildflowers

watching butterflies and bees shuttling

and birds flying freely

the dream of childhood is a summer afternoon

lying quietly in bed

after a cool bath

listening to grasshoppers singing

under the eaves

the dream of childhood is a garden of autumn

still that group of friends

doing cartwheel

chasing crickets

under the clear syrupy sky

of childhood.

Stand by me

The childhood friend whom
i grew up with
the incredible
cluelessness of
the carefreeness
the dreams of adults
drifting away
counting on movies
to tidy up
the scattered debris
now it looks like it’s simply
too difficult
the carnival of children’s day
the revelry
the time of naivete
and elapsed
Doraemon and Nobita are
no longer alone
after all the world is
bright and dazzling
the story will not return
in the age which
tears don’t fall.

Small Town

Standing on a mountaintop,
small town looking pale,
the postmark reminds me of,
the town,
the clouds,
swallows flying hurriedly,
and a girl with a smile,
coming and going,
and now the footsteps,

Small town

Small town,

on this starry night,

the playback of old times on vinyl,

small town had our dreams,

osiers standing silently,

along the causeway,



Away from the bustling city,
closer to the idyllic countryside,
to slow down the pace of life.
to let imagination leap through time and space.
Select a meadow,
and seek a little peace.

like wheat,

Buzz Lightyear

The sparkling skyline,
dream and determination,
a nameless martyr,
a monumental past,
time and the second hand,
like the unquiet heart,
the homeland of light,
across the sky.

The world

The world impetuous,

my heart may have nowhere to go,

i’d lived in paradise,

all through childhood,

and now i’m struggling,

to stay sober,



Time lost,

does not return,

my childhood,

remains a memory,

at that time,

i was carefree,

and at that time,

the sky was always blue,

and hills,



Early in the morning,

i stand at the window,

gentle breeze blowing,

warm sunshine flowing,

into my chest,

a group of kids playing ball,

lovely kids,

but then they disappear,

leaving behind,


Little love

Little notes on the table,

i made them,
a little conch,

a little time,

little love,

a love pure as white paper,

the taste of an empty space,

wanting you to go on a date,

with me,

beautiful light music,

the carousel,

your lips covered in icecream,

you were happy,

little notes on the table,

lying quietly in a dream,

Clair de lune being played,

you were liking it,

orioles outside the window,


little love.

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