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Morning thoughts


start of the day

sunny and beautiful

a few leaves fall

in the sunshine

a cloud

blown away by the wind

time is a good cure

yesterday’s sadness

nothing remembered

quiet is about to be replaced by noise

cars gradually increase in the streets

passersby standing walking

starting the interpretation

of a new day.






Purple flowers and yellow fruits

Purple flowers and yellow fruits

if appear on a balcony

if appear in a fine garden

they must have been given many names

loved and kissed

small dreamy purple flowers

blooming on the slopes of this wilderness

nobody watches or cares about them

bodies full of cumbersome thorns

nobody makes a special trip to study them

they know not the world beyond the wild slope

but the sun doesn’t slight them

every lovely round face is hung on powerful branches

they are golden fruits

with no bright names

they don’t exist on the balcony

in the garden

only on the dreamlike hillside

can you find these small purple flowers

and sweet yellow fruits.



My world

My world

is nothing different

has a warm sun

beautiful moon

romantic stars

my world

possesses a poetic journey

picturesque landscape

sweet-smelling flowers

colored rainbow

my world

all good things

good times

can be seen any moment

with the heart.




Early morning

mountains, trees, birdsong

sinuous rutted paths

a touch of gold

dew hidden in the leaves of melons

butterflies flying into the sky

like joyous angels

a vast lake


with fishes frolicking

the wrinkled face of an old village

moisturized by sunshine

the fog wipes away

the heat of summer.

A winter scene

Newfangled nest,

in a barren,

lackluster tree,

flakes of dark green leaves,


in the field,

the silenced stores,


A little firefly

A long overdue,
phantom of twilight,
little firefly,
sweet as a mocha,
cream puff,
an ill-defined,
an invasion of,



the height of youth,

the whispering mud,

brimming with,


osmanthus and sweet clover,


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