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a magical object

sketches too much

in just 2 hours

the beautiful

the wonderful

things, love, outer space


the cruel

the brutal

the broken

things, love, outer space

among these

there’s what you know

what you wanna know

what you haven’t known

the unknown


just like radiantly fascinating and colorful


it lets me

feel instantly

happiness, sadness, joy, anger

one minute the tears are flowing

then before you know it

a bright smile is spreading its wings

this roller-coaster-like plot

really lets me

feel deeply

that real life

ain’t easy.






A heart

broad and calm

a pair of eyes

wise and clear

intend to feel the world

observe life

extract the spark of thoughts

a philosopher

summing up humanity

in the pursuit of

the light of truth.

Beautiful love

I love the fields

arable green waves

scenery full of vigor

ocean of flowers

always make me feel infinitely

at ease

I love the mountain

love its strength

its mighty image

i can’t stop admiring

i love the river

a voice so soft and lucid won’t lie

a sound that refreshes and purifies

i love the skies

the flying clouds

the brilliant sun that warms the atria

the evermore affectionate silver moon

diamond-like stars that add to dreams

i long for love

you play and i sing

sharing views and values

from the same seasonal






Morning thoughts


start of the day

sunny and beautiful

a few leaves fall

in the sunshine

a cloud

blown away by the wind

time is a good cure

yesterday’s sadness

nothing remembered

quiet is about to be replaced by noise

cars gradually increase in the streets

passersby standing walking

starting the interpretation

of a new day.





Purple flowers and yellow fruits

Purple flowers and yellow fruits

if appear on a balcony

if appear in a fine garden

they must have been given many names

loved and kissed

small dreamy purple flowers

blooming on the slopes of this wilderness

nobody watches or cares about them

bodies full of cumbersome thorns

nobody makes a special trip to study them

they know not the world beyond the wild slope

but the sun doesn’t slight them

every lovely round face is hung on powerful branches

they are golden fruits

with no bright names

they don’t exist on the balcony

in the garden

only on the dreamlike hillside

can you find these small purple flowers

and sweet yellow fruits.



My world

My world

is nothing different

has a warm sun

beautiful moon

romantic stars

my world

possesses a poetic journey

picturesque landscape

sweet-smelling flowers

colored rainbow

my world

all good things

good times

can be seen any moment

with the heart.




Early morning

mountains, trees, birdsong

sinuous rutted paths

a touch of gold

dew hidden in the leaves of melons

butterflies flying into the sky

like joyous angels

a vast lake


with fishes frolicking

the wrinkled face of an old village

moisturized by sunshine

the fog wipes away

the heat of summer.

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