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Comments on life


is not simply a living individual

everything that is alive

has their exuberant vitality

and follows the law of development to demise

life is like a stream

flowing with its passionate melody

life is

the sprout in springtime

the breath of a river

the waves of the sea

the towering posture of the mountain

an internal driving force

life is

diverse and colorful

open and inclusive

developing and changing

a brilliant continuation

a legend a miracle


an ability to adapt

interpreting the meaning of existence

can’t be seperated from the environment of survival

a maintenance of the right to self existence

an innovative mechanism

it exists as an idealogy

a micro and macro existence.



Autumn breeze

Early autumn afternoon

a little aftertaste of summer

cicadas in the shades

humming tirelessly

an autumn breeze

a distant voice of the hillocks

golden wheat

in the sunset

more like an old painting


peculiar leaves fall on the windowsill

like an impatient messenger

bringing the color of autumn

to people walking




into the soul

of autumn.



Simple life

In a small courtyard

day slips away leisurely

bread and water

daily necessities

doing the laundry

sweeping the yard

staring at a cat rolling about

gosling pecking

a curl of smoke above the fireplace

swallows hovering over the rooftop

listening to the sounds of nature

the whir of fan

street vendors

soothing songs

children riding a bicycle


cattle having fun

living a life




in the scent of potpourri

the air is filled with

immense quiet

and peace

birdsong and petals

fluttering in the valley

full of cheer

a running brook

singing a song of freeness


the leisurely clouds and cranes

free as the wind


from the past.

The sea and sky

Looking up at the sky

when i was little

i saw a wide azure sea

watching the sea now

i see a broad blue sky

and in the distance

there’s the present in the past

and the past in the present

everything is so peaceful

and natural.

Night of peace

Starry sky


the breeze carries a fragrance


a little poetic

the city in the arms of the moon

static and brilliant

tall buildings

a little square

a slow dance

by a sea of lamps

is goodness and joy

the grandeur of the sky

mysterious and beautiful

the splendour of the earth

is love and peace.

Night wind

The sun

moves around the rhythm of time

jumps from the top of the mountain

night comes quietly

across the field

along the courtyard

the rustling sound

from that side of the bench

piles of memories

a thousands words spilled on

the wind

the wind running

while igniting

the moon.

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