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Thousands of green silk

whisking the water surface

a fish is awakened

swims next to the willow trees

sniffing the breath of summer

the wind suddenly blows

the fish startled

swimming to and fro

as if playing with the willow twigs

sharing the scenery

spending moments of beauty




You are magnimous and noble

strong and sturdy

life is evergreen

crystal clear

supplying jade nectar

for humanity

you are a shining golden shield

bearing a rosy dawn in your heart

your fluttering dress

is always

a symbol of peace

and goodness.


People say you’re a bundle of bright flying arrows

I say you’re the golden body of a combination of multicolored light

selflessly devoting the heat of zenith

for the growth and reproduction of all things

shining on the autumnal harvest of cultivators

sincerely painting the sky red

raising the golden scythe and sickle high

letting every ray of flame add

a miracle.


Science and art

are the same coin

one is on the front

one on the back

all scientific theories

at the root of it all are

but hypotheses

all artistic innovation needs



When a wandering boat

sails into the harbor

its face will show

expressions of joy

but it knows

this is not the terminus


just a place to refuel

a place that cheers on the boat

to go further in the future

a place of rest

a home away from home.



Purple flowers and yellow fruits

Purple flowers and yellow fruits

if appear on a balcony

if appear in a fine garden

they must have been given many names

loved and kissed

small dreamy purple flowers

blooming on the slopes of this wilderness

nobody watches or cares about them

bodies full of cumbersome thorns

nobody makes a special trip to study them

they know not the world beyond the wild slope

but the sun doesn’t slight them

every lovely round face is hung on powerful branches

they are golden fruits

with no bright names

they don’t exist on the balcony

in the garden

only on the dreamlike hillside

can you find these small purple flowers

and sweet yellow fruits.




The early morning sun is delicate and tender

the sun at noon is bright and intense

the afternoon sun is warm and charming

the evening sun is enchanting

the sun shines every day

with earth-shattering beauty

limitless energy

moving water and air

wind, rain, lightning and rainbow

sun and earth create lives together

let plants, animals and microorganisms spread

the sun gives all things images and colors

operating seasons of spring summer autumn and winter

if there’s no sun

the earth would become

hollow dark dead silence

because of the sun

the earth is beautiful

and full of children of the sun.

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