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Interpersonal foam

The afternoon sun makes me feel lazy,

hiding in my bed,

denying the existence of the horizon,

marking my territory,

ignoring passersby in isolation,

interpersonal foam,

slightly lazy,

being alone is nice,

an eyeful of freedom,



A face like glass,

like a jellyfish,

like the light of a small town,

in the depths of darkness,

of the dawn,

a vast vague road,

hands overlapping and interlacing,

lips melting in the air,

shoulder beneath the sheets,

no trace,

tub filled with bubbles of soap,

shoes sinking into the sand,

a fortuitous dream,

like a bed outdoor,

like a flower turning in an unintentional direction,

i dream of you,

your glasslike face,

It’s all because of the wind,

a vast vague road,

at dawn,

a passing truck,



like rain falling from a tree,


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