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Grand vast ocean,

adorned with sporadic grief,

a sunset without the pyramids,

without the warriors of Babylon,

a torso exuding adventures,

the Vikings’ appetence,

the glory of Atlantis,

buried here.

It was a stunning dazzling place,

now a paradise of fantasies,

in amongst the millions is my thought,

looking out the window,

i fantasize,

fretful rings of birds,

sitting next to me,

through the deep and dark Atlantic,

i see a heart still beating,

that is Atlantis thinking,


their former glory,

i hear their cries,

this is not our world,

i hear the sound of their counghing up blood,

cursing and bedamning,

hoots and toots,

the wind on the stringless harp,

playing the Nocturne,

blowing open the ruined ocean,

i see the sunken golden wheel,

their king,

helplessly watching the sky,

their cemetery,

the historical past,

all disapeared,

the collapsed hope,

growing in fulmination,

they are looking at the present world with disdain,

as with our brilliant,

glorious civilization.

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