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The buildings

standing on the south side

blocking the erosion of frost and time

hugging the river trail

white mist with a tinge of green

a casual veil

dotted with dry

withered grass

yellow leaves

the north wind dipped in red

blazing glory

of fierce maple flames

fried by autumnal sunlight

the maindenhair tree is sweet and savory


the manchurian ash

the camphor tree

and holly are green


over the treetops

sounds of birds and insects

vaguely chirpy

happy still.




Autumn rain

In the air after the rain

it’s filled with a hint of

faint fragrance

grass, leaves and soil

are perfumed

beautiful mood starts spreading

around this environment

at this time in my eyes

what i see is beautiful

i see

sparkling water surfaces

light thin clouds

i see

the distance is near

i see

hope in front of me

at this time

i feel

warmth in my heart

exhortation from childhood

whisper of lover in my ear

light flashing in the night

tepid currents

in the wilderness

and the glebe

of my heart.






The mountain village

in deep autumn

ignites a bonfire

loneliness of dead leaves

the mountain so thin

cold autumn moon

at the other end

listens to the song

of the flowing time

a nightingale swept across the fields

over the branches of old tree

at the entrance view

between heaven and earth

a searing light

penetrates endless night

warming and illuminating

you and me.

Old leaf

When you are old

and the color fades

and youth’s escaped

become memory

when you are old

and not pampered anymore

will you still remember

the time bygone


shriveling in a corner

drfiting with the wind

towards the clouds

and stars no longer blink

time stands still

the cycle of the seasons

then repeats

still graceful you

warmth no longer exists

only wrinkles that accompany

when the wheel of time

slowly runs over the scar

the scar will have been rebuilt

slightly modified

and it will still be

a beautiful



no longer flies


no longer pass

what you have

just admiration of youth’s

endless glory

your heroic shell

meets the sun

quiet and worry-free

your spirit and soul

you are my red leaf

i will remember constantly

give a toast to nostalgia

when you are old.




Whisper of the heart

Maple leaf



and lovesickness

orange and pink clouds

a stripe a splodge


with soft attitude

maple leaf

just wants to show

more realness

amidst the rain

no need for too many gorgeous sentences

maple leaf

reliving that fiery love

when autumn wind

tactfully rises

and gives her a seasonal

red attire

moonlight lingers

on the windowsill

an additional

curtain of nostalgia

murmur of the soul

accompaniment of words

from the heart.


Depth of autumn

Cicada’s dream



the rain intoxicating

the fruity winds

a song so maudlin

a season of


monotonous loneliness

windows open

memory no longer

crazily growing

flow of water

from the fingertips


locked door

is a forbidden language

unable to interpret

golden tide

of meandering wilderness

rises and falls

comes and goes


of the geese


red flying leaves

stain the hillside

in most beautiful moments

of sunset

in the reeds

across the river

a few waterfowl

standing around

remnants of dusk

but the one

from childhood

has flown


far away.

Moon-viewing, Tsukimi

Mid autumn

a varicolored season

another passionate festival

chrysanthemums in the courtyard

fragrance beneath the moon

wild leaves

clear winds

delicate clouds

profuse feelings

beautiful crowds

counting stars

in long autumn dream.


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