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Autumn is here

Autumn is here

it brings solitude of rain

its drowns noises of summer

the wind whirs and laughs

autumn is here

 it brings palette of nature

green leaves are dyed yellow

the crops stand tall

farmers are in ecstasy

autumn is here

it has a coolness of its own

tetchiness of summer is gone

autumn is here

it brings the joy of harvest

the smile of happiness.

秋The fall

The fall

is the splendid grains

golden and orange

brightly yellow

the fall

is the cotton in the field

clouds on the ground

the fall

is the gourds on the wall

slender and green


the fall

is the pearls and agates on the arbor

strings of them

the fall

is the blue purified sky

high and clear

the fall

is the persimmon trees in the valley

lanterns on the branches

decorating the autumnal colors

the fall

is the ears of corn on the hillside



the fall

is the children’s morning reading

sounds of reading

filling the school

the fall

is a few moos of an ox

in the evening

comfortable and relaxed.



Red leaves

residual flames of

heavenly meteor shower

hanging in the trees

when the wind blows

the flames are jumping

they’re about to fall


melts in the flame



in this beautiful painting

painted on a white plain cloth


Autumn morning

In the morning

the cool silken



in a cup of warm


and smiling

the clouds

plucked by the flowers

are running together

with the leaves

the mind of autumn



Calm like water

Autumnal colors

glamorous sun

the sky

faintly blue

leaves are peaceful

even the wind is


and calm

the heart is calm

like still water

like the indolent sun

of the afternoon

in a corner

longing is quietly


growing arbitrarily

in the sunshine

breeze blowing


in the sky


this moment.

Theme of autumn

rain and trees
the cold and chill
the summer clothings
walking in autumn
walking in the rain
walking in the middle of a web
woven by the world
the wind is laughing at me
the rhythm of rain breaking
pieces of scattered petals
in the rain of September
blooming silently
into a green
thoughts silent
tangled up with
the breeze of peppermint
the autumn tempting
down the leaf vein
the pond of dream
the call of a dragonfly
wrinkles the water
clears away
a fantasy
fishes at play
a picture of freedom
rain and light clouds
moon and breeze lingering
in the pond.

Autumn leaves

The falling leaves
like heavy thoughts
the moving windchime
the messenger of the wind
delivering the longings
of the heart
writing the shattered
telling of the loneliness
of the wind
thick fog blinded the world
start and end
where to pause
it’s illusory like dream
solitary like wind
after the fog is gone
will the leaves

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