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Relearn thyself

Tender green

in the beginning

matures in time

the deep, shallow, thick and light

catalogued on various layers and levels

filling the bookshelf

of spring

any kind of green

contains a detailed introduction

the origin, the survival, the development

of a species

including food, clothing, shelter, love and life

future and dreams

open your own title page in the spring

you’ll find some words old and lost

in a corner of time

some words have gone far

leaving their bodies behind

traveling out in the universe

some words gentle as a kitten

lying on the windowsill

of spring

watching flowers bloom and grow

some words wide awake

sleepless in the night

the chapter on love and life?

i flip through the pages

beyond recognition

the original soul

covered in earthly dust

on flying?

dream and reality contest

in the stormy skies

love interpreting a beautiful myth amidst

a messy life

i don’t really know myself anymore

the ache of every word

is enough to make my blood flow

into a river

words dead

buried in the soil of yesterday

words running

still on the road of life running

words now

have just been born inside the kernel


is an angel

conveying the power of spring

blood vessels swell

filled with hearty energy

words resurrected in thoughts

they blossom

into reddish peaches

whitish pears

and enthusiastic begonia

in the spring

i got to know myself again

life is a metabolic process

every new sunrise

is greeting from

a new beginning.






half hidden

half bright, half dark

i am

in the dark corner



i gently push it open

fall into a glaring hug

the world is strangely


houses neatly arranged

cars pass by

one by one

birds sing

in the sky far away

as if everything should be hushed


as if

everything never happened.


Night in a small town

Night in a small town


street lights illuminate

every asphalt road

neon lights are like stars twinkling

gamboling on the wall

night in a small town


cars, motorcycles, padestrians

every road is choked

the ballroom sensational

night in a small town


people wandering aimlessly

in the street

a dancer comes out of the bar

and vomits in the street

the odor of liquor fills her life

her night

in a small town.


Give your life

some alone time

feel the power of silence

in solitude

turn off the phone

close your eyes

clear your mind

listen quietly

the heart beating

blood flowing


in the blue sky


the goal and course


with the tide


with the sea breeze

being alone

not just a spiritual and emotional experience

it is

a wonderful realm of life

life moves in solitude

spirit grows in solitude

mind changes in solitude

soul sublimates in solitude

thoughts shines in solitude

creativity sprouts

in solitude.




I want to keep

the world’s largest whale

as big as a house

a skyscraper

even a mountain

but i’m

just a little human

with just a small dish

i can’t nurture it



i want to put it in the deep ocean

that’s where its playground is

where it’ll get its freest spirit

sing and play in water

just like this whimsy

of mine.


Fell a forest

extract their lives

stir with

a thousand years of civilization

the result is purity

purer than snow

lighter than bird wings

a sheet of paper

limns the heart of its tree

primed with

the aroma of ink

becomes a small keel

cruises the ocean

of wisdom


bread to the hungry

bright light to explorers


voices of progress


the human soul


the tower of truth.



I think

It has everything to do

With you

You come from profoundness, vastness

Let me

Use the simplest language

To reveal the meaning in this

You are

A flower, a dream

A nebula, a sea

Computer-like programming

always conjures up a brilliant starry sky

You are subtle, gentle

You give rise to enthusiasm

You give softness to springtime

You make the night quiver

You are

Like a quiet floaty swallow

Flies through the drizzle

Outside the window

You turn around like time

Making the tide of thoughts

Evermore avant garde and high

Breaking the gossamer trammels

You are no longer a dubious converse

Just right

You are like

A splendid smile

Right before my eyes.


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