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Someone used a brush

painted a beautiful picture

in the vast vast sky

the strokes are simple

just a few arcs

yet magnificent

the sky has gained colors

and become calmer

when people see this ethereal beauty

they are bound to feel

inexplicable touchingness.



Science and art

are the same coin

one is on the front

one on the back

all scientific theories

at the root of it all are

but hypotheses

all artistic innovation needs


Sakura beneath the moonlight

Half a moon

soft light shines down

the village is asleep

the village has a dream

the dream is bedewed cherry blossoms

the dream is elegant


sakura outside the village

it has a dream

exuding delicate fragrance

this is the best way it knows to express

a simple wish.



The early morning sun is delicate and tender

the sun at noon is bright and intense

the afternoon sun is warm and charming

the evening sun is enchanting

the sun shines every day

with earth-shattering beauty

limitless energy

moving water and air

wind, rain, lightning and rainbow

sun and earth create lives together

let plants, animals and microorganisms spread

the sun gives all things images and colors

operating seasons of spring summer autumn and winter

if there’s no sun

the earth would become

hollow dark dead silence

because of the sun

the earth is beautiful

and full of children of the sun.


Bonsai garden

various postures of roots, trunks and stones

understood only by strange minds

any visitor

can let the airship of their imagination


they are anything you say they are


they are just some trees, roots, grass, stones

within them hide

a powerful army

a variety of social phenomena

a whole new world.


A soft flash of light

turns into pupil of the eye

silent mood and moments

condensing the rising sun

in the distance outside the window

a sea of flickering lights

soon a beam of sun drifts to the sky

like dainties of springtime

flooding the town the city


but understandably

this is the coming of a new spring

the morning sun

the watchtower

the world

this is the true essence

of the century.

Bit by bit

Hemmed in by dancing butterflies

a calm halcyon lake is achieved

stacks of waves lapping

on the shoreline

a gust of cool wind

time depicting

dribs and drabs

blurred vague vision

aigrette of specks

of this earthly sphere

ordinary, persistent, timeless, classic

still tangled

for so many years

appear in every picture of life

embody its value

the moment i can finally meet you

it’s all God-given love.

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