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I vaguely recall

a little brown dog

let’s call it Miracle

from the old house

dragging its tail

sniffing with its nose

running around

being very clingy

i remember

everytime we came home

it came running

toward my baby stroller

before we moved

the good delicious food

Miracle was always fed

so it was shining

luminously i’d say

with its belly bulging

when we moved

it was fed by the neigbors

not very much

but still capable of being full

when neighbors moved

it was left

in the forlorn yard

for about a month

everytime we talked about it

i was worried

said it might have starved to death

or run far far away

and become a stray

we went back once

there it was

lying in the old yard

hungry gauntly

walking unsteadily

ate a lot of wild weeds

alot of corn cobs

in the corners

there were piles of feces

granules of grass and leaves

we hurried up

and gave Miracle water

fed it ham and other edibles

Miracle gobbled it all up


ate eveything clean


my eyes tered up

Miracle survived alone

without food

without going anywhere

it stayed there

the perserverance


to life

the loyalty


to its dwelling

strong confidence and vitality

supported Miracle

and the love

was sincere

a tearjerker

insisting on patience, persistence

and toughness

to its life

it was truly


a miracle.



Sunlight slips away from the chair

ushers in a twilight

and loneliness

the birds and rabbits hurry home

cats and dogs return to their owners


birds fly to the coffee table

and peck some leftover seeds

rabbits jump into the bushes in the garden

and taste the fresh grass

cats and dogs are back

to their home

sweet home.





Time lost,

does not return,

my childhood,

remains a memory,

at that time,

i was carefree,

and at that time,

the sky was always blue,

and hills,



No meat in your dictionary,
you make nutritious vegan food,
they say you’re,
they say your’re,
a fussy eater,
that you’re,
a religious believer,
that you’re,
You gainsay silently,
you take pity on creatures butchered wantonly,
you sigh for thier fate,
you pray for them.
They say meat eaters are mightier,
vegetarians the disadvantaged,
does food change your personality,
or it’s your personality that determines your eating habit,
is it innate,
is it acquired,
is it faith,
is it losing weight?
i think vegetarians are good and kind,
and elegant,
try vegan,
i think its good,
it’s healthy,
it’s happy.


as the wind rolling over the grasslands,
the African grasslands,
the moment of a hunt,
Simba the lion king,
mane fluttering,
a display of dignity,




aberrantly ferocious when hunting,
elegant as a sheep,
when at rest.
the supple shadow of a lion,
the howling grasslands,
simba of noble descent,
as free as memories,
in the MasaiMara,
enjoying the refuge,
like Hugo’s Notre Dame,
losing the wildness of a lifetime,
yet still having,
the stature of a lion.

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