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Quiet winter


dipped in autumn colors

the beginning of winter


showing off the fiery passion

of a watcher

the snow

lifiting up the last fallen leaf

to the sky

a leaf

an elegant cloud

some little-known delicate crushed beautiful things

in the wilderness

lighting up

the impassioned season

hardened dews

on the track

the sound of yellow leaves

studded with the voice of


the echo of

the whizzing wind.


Natural world


like a gentle paragraph


is on their wings

clouds veiling

the shy face of mountain

the sun in the distance


the wind takes away

golden yearning

the stream is a lotus leaf

bright rolling and green

the smiling vortex

crafting beautiful eyes

holding up the crystal clear mind

of heaven and earth

fish dancing

displaying the infinity of liberty

aquatic plants are like a dense forest


fish are pleased

a leaf

like a canoe


traversing the waves


soft satin wind

is the child of the sun

colorless and transparent

with magical hands

painting here and there

green and red

a stony path in the mountain

is a soft cable in the air

through the cliff

through the river

through the modest waterfall

there’s a hill where

petals are falling from a tree

like meteor shower in the sky

the sound of rapids

like the wash of thunder

in the natural world

we are water cloud and wind

we are streams plants and trails

natural and free

along the meridians of the mountain

high and low

mild and mellowed

become the natural blood

of the landscape

but in the hustle and bustle of the city

nature hides in clouds

and the clouds have fled

to the mountains.



Halo of happiness

flying birds bringing

fragrance of flowers from afar

seeds of dandelion

thorns of cactus

a bird pecking at the center of the lake

breaking mirror of calmness

picking up worms

flies away

the supine lake

the reposing fishes and shrimps

sometimes they dance

sometimes they’re in a daze

lakeside at sunset

dressed up like a flower girl

sending blessings and hopes

to the night.

Misty morning

The contour of peaks

is a group of ponderous tottering elephants

terkking strenuously in the horizon

panting body covered with

impressionistic white lotuses

in their resting place

the warm warm sun is still


like a baby whale drinking the sky

the eyes of the forest lake

wide open with anticipation

the quiet serene scenery

peace from the water passage to the mountainside

a pair of dragonflies on a flower

the clear bright dew is a star

still sound asleep.


Recording the changes in the celestial systems is an astronomer’s nostalgia

recording the developments of human civilization is a historian’s nostalgia

in addition to these collective feelings

there’s our personal feelings

nostalgia is the journey of experiencing vicissitudes

of encountering misunderstandings and grievances

of struggling through successes and failures

of reuniting after bidding farewell

nostalgia is a stranger who holds an umbrella for you in heavy rain

it’s your colleague who gives you a cup of milk tea when you feel hungry

it’s the apple mom peeled for you

it’s the bag dad carried for you

it’s the expanding of happiness

it’s nutrient to life

it’s gratitude and thanksgiving

it’s yesterday once more

it’s a feeling

that can be played back in our hearts



A temperature difference formed between

the silent park

and the world

every storefront is like

every happy candlelight

the brain is half empty

the other half is

looking for direction

the world is so big

yet it’s unable to make a heart feel


the  evening sea fog


heralding the opening

of a moonlit show.

Calm like water

Autumnal colors

glamorous sun

the sky

faintly blue

leaves are peaceful

even the wind is


and calm

the heart is calm

like still water

like the indolent sun

of the afternoon

in a corner

longing is quietly


growing arbitrarily

in the sunshine

breeze blowing


in the sky


this moment.


The clock on the wall


in a small space

a coat in the wardrobe

in a room


the clock awaiting


the room awaiting

its owner

the coat awaiting

bright light

the desk provoked dust

the photo hidden beneath

a layer of glass

quietly narrating

the passage of time

the mischievous wind sneaks in

throught the window


roomful of gray crystal

to fly.

The howling wind

the sound of wind
but light
and stops
and disappears
the familiar voice
clear yet fuzzy
calling calling
the sound of wind
but stops
and erased
the footsteps of wind

Morning, evening

the breeze of dawn begins to quiver
starts to become
perhaps as a person
you would forget the way you came here
like a poet who forgot
a word a phrase he’s written
lonely breath begins to spread
light begins its longest
some stars
discussing life in depth
in silence
you would forget everything
in the world
on a night
so moving
like this
the comfort of

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