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Disheveled poet reads out

ten thousand winds

sounding bells

making the deaf madly sing

the view from a star

a small sail wandering

an apple smashing mountains and valley

the wine in the lake tonight

is the tears of fire

burning fragments of full moon with firewood.

Soul of Poetry

Wonderful verses

like dancing wings of nature

like sun of the human mind

bright eyes of the soul

they grow like stars and flowers

adorning the hall

of human longing

like an angel’s face

without a grain of grit

and gray.

A cup of tea

plus an old song

send away a sunset

a leaf

polishes the window pane

the sight

becomes softer

than whirling white clouds

simplicity is life.


A surge of spring

A surge of flowing spring

cleansing the heart

in spotless purity

the sweetness of water

moistening a compassionate seedling

a surge of fresh spring

softening the heart

sensitizing it to the quiver

of petals

and the zen of water

a surge of fresh spring

becomes a mirror in the mind

reflecting gratitude and compassiom

and the width of ocean.

Outside the car window

rain falling lightly

mist shrouding lines of trees

anxious car horn

urging the pace of spring


in a forlorn

hot pot restaurant

the warm smile

of the waiter

warm as cherry blossom

in the rain.


weaving a net

above the pond

swing and paper kite

retrieving fallen leaves and petals

rain silking

under the eaves

catching twigs and wild ducks.

Rain falling gently

outside the window

lines of poetry

exuding delicate fragrance

every word every line

is the outline of constellation

and the journey


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