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Life is life


is footprints

following a person


is left and right hands

seperated by a heart

life is

a simple four-letter word

a pine tree on the cliff

painting a totem on the precipice

an eagle soaring above the clouds

overlooking the earth in a misty space

a wild horse

provoking the blooming nerves

the morin khurr of Mongolia

with a graceful figure

a forceful soul

an early spring sprout

budding in the footprint of winter

the backbone of a train

stretching out the strong sound

of the track.



warm summer

on a cold winter night

this moment

i want to go to the sea

see the rising sun

hear the ebb and flow

if time could rewind

i would still choose

to sit on the beach

listen to the wind

keep this segment of




Blue ocean

Light blue ocean

like a paradise

seagulls happily soaring

in its arms

sky and water

the color of love

at first sight

flocks to me

like bees to honey.


When I see your face

Maybe you don’t know

how special you are to me

at the turn of the season

as long as i can see your face

the heart is composed

no longer afraid

everything is fine

every season

when i see your face

joy drifts to the eyebrows

fragrance diffuses through the season

places you have been

flowers will bloom

where you are

it’s a wondrous scenery.

Eyes open

see the soft light of dawn

push out the window

taste the fragrance of wind


touch the morning hour


 hear the song of life.



Sunlight slips away from the chair

ushers in a twilight

and loneliness

the birds and rabbits hurry home

cats and dogs return to their owners


birds fly to the coffee table

and peck some leftover seeds

rabbits jump into the bushes in the garden

and taste the fresh grass

cats and dogs are back

to their home

sweet home.




Autumn wind brings

a different kind of freshness

shadow of a girl blends

into sunset

facing the direction

of the sunset

behind her are threads of warm

vestigial light

the mauve color of clouds

breathing in the lonely field

artless time

a string of footprints is poetry

time is quiet

the footprints disappear

into the sea

a girl

a landscape

in the arms of




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