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An evening walk

I like to go for a walk,

in the evening,

along the river,

there seems to be a banquet,

a feast for the soul,

the sound of rushing river,

cleansing the earthly melancholy,




A snap of the fingers,


time ticking,

before this second,

after one second,

it keeps turning,

the rotation of space and time,



Morning breeze from the past,

the ultimate bitter coffee,

half a cup of life’s diary,

a fallen leaf,

is turning into the soil of spring,

in the coming year,

life galloping,


the naive and changing,


like paint on a wall,

glowing light of reality,


when eyes are closed.

The sound of flute

The dark blue sea,

a town of trees,

of red bricks and tiles,

sitting in the shade of a tree,


listening to the sweet sound of the flute,

the playful waves,

they come and disturb,

from time to time,



Early in the morning,

i stand at the window,

gentle breeze blowing,

warm sunshine flowing,

into my chest,

a group of kids playing ball,

lovely kids,

but then they disappear,

leaving behind,


The hand of time

Holding the hand of time,

i wander,

letting time flow into the soul,

that cold,

has melted into streams,

flowing into the distance,

light green grass in springtime,


She’s pretty

Light blue umbrella,

in her hand,

walking in fine rain,

rain pattering,

splashing at the feet,

a smudged blue glow,

reflection in the water,


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