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Memory lane

Every song here,

carries a section of,

time in the past,

every drop of rain,

hitting the window,

of the empty room,

of my heart,

gently opening the door,

of memory.


in every section of memory,

perhaps its fate,

i met you in a crowd of strangers,

the best memories,

in the songs,

in the rain i’m,

counting the pasts,

that include you.



A city,

a window,

an open space,

 a vent,

skyscrapers in daytime,

embellishing this city,

lights at night,

adorning this window,



Noisy sound of leaves,

ushering in the dawn,

the light greets the pond,

and the waves startled,

the light in my face,

soft and delicate,

the sun breaking,

the speechless sky,

shining into the distance,

the birds sing,

and walk way quietly,

a cyan stairs,

and a turqoise curtain,

the thread of time,

hanging on the branches,

the morning light,

flowing slow,

with clear water,

into the ocean,

pearly dawn,

begins to sail,

its not like any other dawn,

it’s the glittering dawn,

of July.

A pioneer

The sun is the pendulum in heaven,

don’t know  how many years have gone by,

under the lofty sky,

exploring afar,

with mountains to escape,

leaving a line of shadows,

escaped from the prehistoric wilderness,

to the cloudlike land,

smiling indiffrently,

in the open wilderness,

the pioneer is tiny,

like a grain of sand,

waving a hoe in loneliness,

a pickaxe etched by sun and moon,

when’s the end,

where’s the end,

the horizon’s always teasing him,

in his dream.

Green autumn

Soundless wind blowing,

red river flowing,

in the clouds,

golden glow floating,

through the sky,

orange sun,

walking westward,

here the grass is still green,

babyish sun growing,

warmth rising,

undulating waves of grass,

awakened tides of the morning,

dancing butterflies and feathers,

just like the passionate colorful sails of summer,

the wonderful notes of the moon,

words of the nature,

sky is the composer,

in the pure autumn,

a flaming red dress,

a green bride

a blue sedan,

an excellent matchmaking,

by the nature.


Interpersonal foam

The afternoon sun makes me feel lazy,

hiding in my bed,

denying the existence of the horizon,

marking my territory,

ignoring passersby in isolation,

interpersonal foam,

slightly lazy,

being alone is nice,

an eyeful of freedom,



Time lost,

does not return,

my childhood,

remains a memory,

at that time,

i was carefree,

and at that time,

the sky was always blue,

and hills,


An evening walk

I like to go for a walk,

in the evening,

along the river,

there seems to be a banquet,

a feast for the soul,

the sound of rushing river,

cleansing the earthly melancholy,



A snap of the fingers,


time ticking,

before this second,

after one second,

it keeps turning,

the rotation of space and time,



Morning breeze from the past,

the ultimate bitter coffee,

half a cup of life’s diary,

a fallen leaf,

is turning into the soil of spring,

in the coming year,

life galloping,


the naive and changing,


like paint on a wall,

glowing light of reality,


when eyes are closed.

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