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You stamp on the abattoir,

you eat clean vegetables,

and drink clear spring water,

they refine the wildness in humans,

they comfort your life,

let you embrace,

the harvest of the earth,

the clouds in the sky,

like a St. Bernard,



Pious mountain,
towering over the clear hyaline,
heart of lake,
guarding the faith,
day and night,
rejecting the rending,
tearing apart of flesh,
at the door,
table full of aromatic,


The peak of loneliness,
is beautiful,
looking at the self,
a bitter cup of tea,
tasting the most subtle,
finest sweetness,
a praise is amplified infinitely,
a dust is shrunk,


Rain is falling,

sitting by the window,

a pot of tea,

scented memories,

forgotten and refurbished,

rain falling tiredly,

old tea,

the fragrance,

and the bitterness,



No meat in your dictionary,
you make nutritious vegan food,
they say you’re,
they say your’re,
a fussy eater,
that you’re,
a religious believer,
that you’re,
You gainsay silently,
you take pity on creatures butchered wantonly,
you sigh for thier fate,
you pray for them.
They say meat eaters are mightier,
vegetarians the disadvantaged,
does food change your personality,
or it’s your personality that determines your eating habit,
is it innate,
is it acquired,
is it faith,
is it losing weight?
i think vegetarians are good and kind,
and elegant,
try vegan,
i think its good,
it’s healthy,
it’s happy.

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