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The world of rain,
blurred vision,
a proper reason,

to cry,
the gratification of,
getting drenched to the skin,
stampeding in under the crying sky,
traffic in the city sparking,

The world of rain

The world of,


dribs and drabs of,

transparent crystals,

no garnishing,

no colors,


Rainy evening

The wind comes,

bringing pleasantness,

rain on my shirt,

telling me the message of the sky,

after the new rain,

the sunset is exceptionally showy,


She’s pretty

Light blue umbrella,

in her hand,

walking in fine rain,

rain pattering,

splashing at the feet,

a smudged blue glow,

reflection in the water,


Secret garden

Moonlight after rain,

bright and quiet,

written on a wet trail,


picking up a glowing pearl,

a stone like the night’s eye,


The Alleyway

Rain falling,


tapping the floor of the alleyway,

late at night,

slippery soppy stepping stones,

enjoying the bright streetlights,

the lonely alleyway,



she’s in no mood to look around,

rain falling,


the fuzzy yellow color,

slowly changing into an umbrella,

raindrops rotating,

on the edge of the umbrella,

streetlights are bright,

the alleyway is singing,


the same old alleyway.

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