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The kite

to the kite
her story
in the lustrous sky
the swimming clouds
the aesthetic sunrise
and dusk
the spiritual moments

Small Town

Standing on a mountaintop,
small town looking pale,
the postmark reminds me of,
the town,
the clouds,
swallows flying hurriedly,
and a girl with a smile,
coming and going,
and now the footsteps,



the world suffused with,

sultry air,

senescent trees blazing,

in the sun,

cicadas crooning,

listless subfusc cazonet,

flies applauding,




Sand bewilders the eyes,

on the other side,

who’s by her side,

salty teardrops,

heart like waves,

on the shoreline,



Love the sun,

love the sky,

listening to the joy,

of birds in love,

receiving a letter,

from the distant clouds,



Behind the leaden sky,
an azure dream,
deep in the sea,

of the mind,
a feeling can’t ever be forgotten,
no need for too much wind,
as far as the eyes can see,
the sky is fantasy,

Small town

Small town,

on this starry night,

the playback of old times on vinyl,

small town had our dreams,

osiers standing silently,

along the causeway,


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