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A silver night

Tonight there’s gonna be
a silver dream
like the pigeons unfolding their wings
like a lotus rising from the shadow of water
the leaves are
like ceramic glaze
flowing toward the sound of autumn
on the roof
the silvery waves of moon
have condensed into exquisite ice
the longitudinal dream
like a boat in a tailwind
sailing toward the frozen night.

A winter night

Razor in the air
colder than brandisher
arched moon in a tree
solitariness of the crickets
knoll of the fall season
the fog of moon
rose from the river afar
whos knocking at the door
theres only
frost and rime outside
shadows of phantasm
knocking aroun (more…)

A moonlit night

Sleeping in the palm of unformed,
reading the almanac,
of the coldness of,
the first section is,
an achromatic afternoon,
the setting sun,

A little firefly

A long overdue,
phantom of twilight,
little firefly,
sweet as a mocha,
cream puff,
an ill-defined,
an invasion of,


Quiet of the night,
the moonlight,
snowman is,
a winter fairy tale,
born to love,
with seasonal frost,

Small town

Small town,

on this starry night,

the playback of old times on vinyl,

small town had our dreams,

osiers standing silently,

along the causeway,



The crazy frenzied wind,
on his way back,
clamoring in his ears,
the runaway horse screams,
treading the wind,
it rushes off.
free as water,
leaving footprints as he forges ahead,
the torrent symbolizes,

Mood of midnight

The mood,
of midnight,
like the effulgent street lamps,
outside the window,
can’t tell which one’s the most shy,
can’t tell either,
which one’s the brightest,
the mood,


Sunset covered faces,
hearts dissolved into the color orange,
outside the window,
an eyeful of violet haze,
the gentian blue leaves crawling,
up the rhombic wind,
The evening sky was a book,
the clouds were the contents,
the wind a flowing annotation,

Purple breeze

After rain,
the breeze came running,
and caressed my cheek,
and said nothing,
the dancing shadows of trees,
the glittering moonlight,
and a red leaf had lost its heart,
the everlasting magical world,
full of dripping water,

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