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Whisper of the heart

Maple leaf



and lovesickness

orange and pink clouds

a stripe a splodge


with soft attitude

maple leaf

just wants to show

more realness

amidst the rain

no need for too many gorgeous sentences

maple leaf

reliving that fiery love

when autumn wind

tactfully rises

and gives her a seasonal

red attire

moonlight lingers

on the windowsill

an additional

curtain of nostalgia

murmur of the soul

accompaniment of words

from the heart.


The most beautiful scenery


the mellow scent

of years

brillianty diaphanous


i like this kind of life

one man

one window

an elegant emotion

hidden deep


a world belongs only

to you

no problem

water cleanses

words warm

simple bright and joyous

sitting alone

in a corner of time

beautiful sun at the fingertips

flowing innocently


lines of sacred brocade


drops of insight

into the ocean of ink

and feelings

always believe

the most beautiful scenery

is right in front

of us.


The color blue

The blue

icy ocean


bright blue bubbles

the blue sky


light blue clouds

ancient trunks

entangled in blue secrets

branches covered

with blue flowers


flashing dark blue light

sounds of lovely fauna

from delicate blue flora

blue kingfisher


over the underbrush

the elk’s horn

playing a blue


blue gazelles

running in the blue breaths

of the earth

scarlet flames of flamingos

turn purple

and blue

the prairie wolf

taking a light blue drink

by the lake

its eyes

projecting a sharp

blue light

of a blue planet.


Standing on a hill


on a hill

overlooking a cluster

of emerald fields

and ridges

little river at the foot


like a platinum ring.





Bowl of cherries


next to an ancient road

that’s the

aroma of your hair

reminds me of

the one who likes ice-cream

a face blushing

red as cherry

a little wish

i cling to

i want to meet you


beautiful memories of autumn

when i saw you at school

eyeful of mystery

you attracted me

into friendship

beautiful memories

when i saw you last

your eyes calm me down

as i lean back

on my school bag.






Eyes closed

sound of

the Himalayas

gurgling stream

beneath the night


shining in the sky

interlaced with time

and latitude

the expansion

of infinite space

a lonely soul

swims in


during the day


of crowds

from north to south

the whirling world

after sex with a

random girl

this lost heart

is vast.







I’ve been

saving myself

what i’m saying is

all the activities i did

for poetry

are because

my soul chose not to

remain silent

through the ordinary


like a demon

that leaps out of the cold

somewhere in the dark night

disturbs my mind

forces the sleep

out of me

brings me

body heat

and some

impulse and passion

loneliness and shouting

imprisoned in thoughts

they carry

the sorrow of an explorer

it’s so awake and resurrected

my ideals and ambitions

like a general


i mean

every poem i graffiti

every word is

a soldier saving

a teeny tiny me

awakens every inch

of my skin

every swelling

drop of blood

every sound of every

rush of adrenaline.



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