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Walking in a lonely

rainy alley

wind and rain falling blue

slowly walking

in narrow bluestone lane

so quiet and cold

tiles covered with moss

slabs drenched into ripples

inducing some glum thoughts

in this long alley in the rain

holding this umbrella

a decadent fence

not far away

daubed with cloves

I’m getting close

little flowers wave

like she in the drizzle

revealing faint fragrance


as the scent she radiates

i’m walking away

farther away

the umbrella waves back

coming out of this alley

as if she’s drawn a breath

so familiar behind me

i look back

she looks cool

in that school uniform

I watch her wave at me

I smile as she disappears


deep in the rainy alley

empty and lonely

I really left that rainy alley

with a flicker

of a smile

this time.




Sense of sakura

Clear skies

and flowing clouds

here before sakura again

shade and shadows

me and sakura



staring at sakura

ruddy and fair

pure and beautiful as her face

sakura slightly sway

as if she is in front

of me smiling

a loving trace

of hope

and warmth


my heart

the world stops moving

the soul drifts away

with her momentarily

then it all fades

pale petals fall

illusory yet plaintive

affecting parts of me

letting out a sigh

I think quietly

I still feel nostalgic

hoping to connect by the threads

of wind

but sakura

accompanied by the mud

of spring

I have to let go

the clinging strings

and just wish


sakura falling


the heart plaintive

like a broken dream


dissipating lightly

as imprints of a ghost

remains of smoke.


Summer eye

The ink of time

depicts the beauty of heaven and earth

passionate soul

embraces the light shades of summer

melody from the violin

sings an afternoon

where the clouds float

the creek whispers

where the sweet scent blooms

there are green lives of leaves

what i saw

what i heard

in the soft corner of my heart

is taking root



this fragrant mood

such a day

how can one not be





Nightingale singing

around me

cool wind gently blows

as if a spell has locked me

i can’t let go

when branches turn into phantoms

flying in the mist

i know you’re looking

on the other side

i’m faraway in the distance

and you can’t see

i pick up the heavy

sinking heart

don’t know where to put it

the thoughts buried in it

turn bleak into gray moonlight

the night full of longings

cold color of moon

applied on the body

and i miss you

somehow over

and over again

you always appear

in the remnants

of my dream.


Under the moon

i say bye bye

to sleep

look up at the stars

lamp on the desk

arching its back

can’t shine light onto

hidden darkness

a lot of silence

clusters outside

the window

encrusted with flowers

reminds me of the fragrant

bygone days of being

by her side.


I always

wish to keep

the scenery i see

in my pocket

a canoe delivering joy

joy rippling

on the lake

a sky

neighbors me

the intimacy

of a kind of paradise

an agreement

an understanding

without the need

for language

green water can’t hide

the laughter of flowers

from the mountains

the private association

of two water birds

soft sun cut in halves

by the liquid horizon

twilight occupies the eye

exposes creases of time

the peaceful canoe

the tender water

respond with silence.


Anything i don’t like

i escape

they can’t abduct my time

my youth and life

i want to know the last trail

of a pillow cloud

i want to go out on an adventure

with the morning breeze

i want to leave some spring flowers

for wintertime


the pendulum of joy

words awaken

in the rough turbulent sea of thought

travel through time and space

finally they stay

on the apex

of the heart.


I had a garden

 a small garden

red white and pink flowers

patted my head like waves

colorful birds shaking off morning dew

jumping from one end of the fence

to the other

there’s a secret hole in a huge magnolia tree

i hid a lot of poetry in it

but the garden

the original garden

is gone

don’t know where it went

i had a garden

a squirrel with a tail like a large green fan

it chews on pine cone

like little me playing the harmonica

when it’s happy it dances

in front of my window beneath the blue sky

it invited me to be a guest

on its birthday

we looked at the rainbow together

in front of its door where it’s rolling a pine ball

but the garden is gone

the original garden

did it run away

who has abducted it

i often dream about it

thinking i’m lost.



Cute little calico cat

like the autumn breeze riding

through the small window actually

goes through the fence

pulls my thoughts

into the distance

a state of mind starts dimming

like a mist-locked dome of sun

the past former frenzy

once a wonderful time

still roaming today

in memory

little calico cat

whether you’re hiding in the sea-going promontory

or high in the faraway prairie

those bright charming eyes of yours

have already been inlaid in the center

of my heart’s garden.

Little world

At night

i take the daytime fatigue off

return to my little world

enjoy a bit of tranquility

a bit of comfort

the moon outside the window

in the cold wind

guarding that old tree

that won’t sprout

all naked in the icy cold


my warm world with bright lights

i am the ruler here

from the computer on the desk

to the pencils in the case

a bed to serve at any time

a cup of hot tea

soaking yellowing years

my world

no right or wrong

no gains no losses

i relax the nerves all over my body

teleport to some ancient times quickly

outside it starts to solidify

colors fade away with the clicking sound of the clock

the pupils still flashing

this time of sleepiness

everything goes to silence

my world

now in snuggly tenebrosity

still the beauty.

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