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Old country pub

A small town tavern

people with

frustration, contrition, melancholy

they sit nightly

at the bar

let everything

be palliated

in the country pub they

take a breather

exchange secrets

relax their souls

in old

country pub

he hides when he is down

he won’t play pool

he sits in a dark corner

bottles on the table

alcohol he’s downed

he slowly smokes a cig

watches some tv

listens to old music

thinks in solitude in

old country pub

a boring place

bland yet abundant

a feeling of peace

a place to pause

and rest

old country pub

for people who’ve cried

for life

for love

for people who are afraid

of the future

for people who remember too much

the past

old country pub

he left the old country pub

he went back in

he has his cigarette stubbed out

he lights up another




The sun above the western trees

slowly going down

propping a slice of light

packing the rivers and mountains

painting a unique picture


dedicating the remaining energy to

the distance

leaving deep love and affection

letting the earth feel the warmth


althought it’s sunset

it’s actually a kind of pattern

escorting the ecological nature

gathering strength in silence

to dispel the dark night

to be ready tomorrow

to shine again.




the evening sky

is a cluster of

burning stamps

flowing paintings

but brief

night quick to erase sunset

this precious seal.


Dragonfly on the lake

ripples turn into thoughts

dancing shapes on the branches

wind blowing the horn

everything quietly

reminiscent of

bits and pieces of life

there’s no loneliness

in the depths of

the soul.


Starry skies


on a quiet rural pavement


sending bursts of fragrance


to the song of bugs

across the grass

the power of life


in the night of the countryside

this is a harmonious movement

played by nature

i look up

the sky is alluring

stars twinkling their fairy-tale eyes

telling the amazing

story of the universe

gives me unceasing reverie

i think of a childhood dream

i dreamed of flying freely

in the sky so starlit


the breath of youth


the cool of the season

telling myself loudly

i want to thrive and flourish

and paint the charming scenery

of the fields.




Slice of life

In a corner

of a residential building

transparent glass

glistening gold

there’s a vending machine

that can scan codes

chock full of items

strange wrappers

eerily unpeopled

hubbub on weekdays

the stress

sometimes makes me feel morose

throwing caution to the winds

back in the harbor of home

drinking a can of grass jelly tea

getting a good sleep

away from the bustling crowds

reading a chapter of dream

listening to the heartbeat

in the tranquility of this little woodland

after the traverse

of the whizzing zepher

bringing the newsletter of the April shower

i see the pleated thoughts

gleaming in the encephalon.



Sunny day after rain

I love the sunny day

after the rain

blue skies embellished

with some white clouds

the sun

is like a girl who just left the arbor

gently walking out

from that obscure corner

the diffident daylight

enshrouds my body

like a quilt in the winter

it warms my heart and spine

my nerves and mind

just fine.




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