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Archive for January 11, 2019

Where is happiness

Where is happiness

it’s in the soft sun of spring

it’s in the dancing shadow of the moon

it’s in the affectionate lingering rain

where is happiness

it’s in a momentary encounter

it’s in the laughter over lemonade

it’s in the warmth of hometown

where is happiness

it’s in our hearts

it’s in every corner

it’s in the gratitude

for all things

happiness is in



Through the windowpane

The sound of rain


this is the sound of time


every drop of rain is love

sprinkling on the soil

quietly as love

the night sky

so impossibly high

stars are twinkling



a poem

an emotion

a sleepless thought.

Mountains and water

Ancient trees


wild intoxicating flowers


this is the view

of the mountains

long shadows of rivers

with colored fishes

clearing the hearts of children

this is the view of water

mountains are the source of oxygen

natural enemy of carbon dioxide

a good biological world

while water is the mirror

of ecological civilization

mountains and water are good scenery

mountains and water are freshness

mountains and water are good mood

longevity and riches.

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