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Sunlight slips away from the chair

ushers in a twilight

and loneliness

the birds and rabbits hurry home

cats and dogs return to their owners


birds fly to the coffee table

and peck some leftover seeds

rabbits jump into the bushes in the garden

and taste the fresh grass

cats and dogs are back

to their home

sweet home.





Girl in sunset

Autumn wind brings

a different kind of freshness

shadow of a girl blends

into sunset

facing the direction

of the sunset

behind her are threads of warm

vestigial light

the mauve color of clouds

breathing in the lonely field

artless time

a string of footprints is poetry

time is quiet

the footprints disappear

into the sea

a girl

a landscape

in the arms of




Gift of the season

The late autumn

sunshine sometimes

seems strangely


is it due to

the ebullient call of

that row of maple

sitting in the afternoon city

looking into the distant mountains

leaves quietly fall

wondering whom has received

the gift of the season.

City at night

City night

neon flashing blinding

no one sees the moon

no one counts the stars

everyone is busy

wine glasses clink

business and friendship intermix

city night

vehicles still shuttling

things unfinished during the day

are carried out during the night

the city night is hard to stop

microphones roaring

dumping pressures

venting tempers

city night

there are leisurely cafes

a touch of tea can occasionally evoke

certain feelings

but the gravity of the phone is still to big

city night

deep into a district

there’s the sound of frogs in the pond

it seems to tell people

it’s very quiet here

city night

movement and stillness



The horizon

An endless horizon

it’s the edge of earth and sky

the unity of earth and sky

the line is mythical

it keeps moving forward

there seems to be

an insurmountable distance

in front of us

there is always a line

maybe this line is a rule

people who live in the city now

tall buildings block our vision

we no longer see the edge

of earth and sky

we begin to lose faith

and courage

the lost horizon

lost in our minds.


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