My Interpretation of Poetical Ideas, Messages, Information and Resources.

Power of thinking

Thinking makes the wheels of the brain turn nonstop

thinking cuts off the thorns of problem

thinking enables people to play happily in an incredible world

thinking pulls the lost self back onto the right track

thinking is like sunshine giving people warmth and hope

thinking is like water flowing silently moistening the body and mind without asking anything in return

thinking lets exciting meteor fly across the sky

thinking lets horses gallop on the plains

thinking is the panacea that cures ignorance

thinking is the Bible of repentance that offers the sinner a salvation

thinking is the solid reliable ladder that facilitates people to climb to the peak of Science

thinking is the shining ticket that leads people into the palace of arts

thinking is the wonderful ups and downs of a song pleasant to the ears

thinking is a sumptuous feast of a thousand flavors and tastes to reward the stomach

thinking is the deep abyssal universe that accomodates hundreds of millions of nebula

thinking is the vast wide ocean composed of unnumerable droplets of water……


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