My Interpretation & Decoration of Poetical Ideas, Messages, Information and Resources.

Natural world


like a gentle paragraph


is on their wings

clouds veiling

the shy face of mountain

the sun in the distance


the wind takes away

golden yearning

the stream is a lotus leaf

bright rolling and green

the smiling vortex

crafting beautiful eyes

holding up the crystal clear mind

of heaven and earth

fish dancing

displaying the infinity of liberty

aquatic plants are like a dense forest


fish are pleased

a leaf

like a canoe


traversing the waves


soft satin wind

is the child of the sun

colorless and transparent

with magical hands

painting here and there

green and red

a stony path in the mountain

is a soft cable in the air

through the cliff

through the river

through the modest waterfall

there’s a hill where

petals are falling from a tree

like meteor shower in the sky

the sound of rapids

like the wash of thunder

in the natural world

we are water cloud and wind

we are streams plants and trails

natural and free

along the meridians of the mountain

high and low

mild and mellowed

become the natural blood

of the landscape

but in the hustle and bustle of the city

nature hides in clouds

and the clouds have fled

to the mountains.



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