My Interpretation of Poetical Ideas, Messages, Information and Resources.

The mind

Starting to exit
the maze of ideas
when dream is trickling from
the hourglass
an idea about an island
appears on the mind
it is consonant with sleep
and beginning to ascend
and the sky changes its mind
recedes into the distance
a visage unrecognizable unrecallable
fading in the magical waters
with an unhindered posture
beautiful sand falls into eyes
through the amphora of time
because of some of the ideas
tears deluge faces
thoughts hurled into subaqueous
the pending
impervious cotton
ambivalent beliefs
unfloatable yet unsinkable
the sybilline crystal ball
obscuring its own sky
hands outstretched to grasp
the shape of water
the ocean sprawls to touch
the mind of this life
we are docking on a capsized boat
walking on thin water
water lost in the blood stream
we are moving toward a realm
to retrieve the long-lost island outside of
the concept of


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