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A winter scene

Newfangled nest,

in a barren,

lackluster tree,

flakes of dark green leaves,


in the field,

the silenced stores,

gloomy cirrocumulus,


gray delusion,

the howling wind,

over rustic roofs,

elementary school children,

on the playground,

girls with,

particolored scarves and gloves,


hexagonal flowers to fall,

from the sky,

like a mind-blowing magic trick.

the obstreperous crows,


about the green-colored thoughts

of the stilly withered vines,

laughter blooms,

in land of the soul,


there’s still heat and fantasy,


beneath the ice.


Comments on: "A winter scene" (6)

  1. Excellent imagery, diction, strong but not over-used adjectives, just the right anthropomorphism of the clouds and crows. Strong lines and technique. An excellent poem.

  2. Melissa Shaw-Smith said:

    Very nice imagery–particularly like those obstreperous crows.

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