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Between heaven and earth,

a string of notes,

of winter,


a gelid silent music feast,


snowflakes descending,


the world is now wintry,

snow soundless,

everything falling,

into silence,

the icebound ship on the canal,

stunned birds on the wire,


hanging around.


Comments on: "Snow" (31)

  1. jensenempire2551 said:

    Thank you for dropping by to have a read.

  2. Majestic and intricate, and ending on quite a relatable note. You did well with this poem!

  3. Lovely writing! Thank you for visiting 4utu! I started following your blog today and look forward to your new work popping up in the Reader.

  4. Spec Fic Girl said:

    Another gorgeous piece of work. Thank you for sharing!

  5. sweet1loved1 said:

    Beautiful imagery

  6. Beautiful and gentle.

  7. Amber Danette said:

    very beautiful

  8. You’ve captured the quietude beautifully- I could imagine walking as it falls in a white hush ~

  9. Simple and sonorous. Good imagery. It even feels wintry. Very nice poem.

  10. Beautiful piece- wonderful imagery (obviously you appreciate snow in a way I don’t). Personal note- I (and who asked me) might review my placement of commas. In most cases, here, the line breaks suffice.

  11. Beautiful description. May I reblog?

  12. Very nice!


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