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The sunshine,

confluent wilderness,

in the tree of time,

a bird pecking at fantasy,

a timeworn imagery,

revisiting a snowfield,

gripping the persistence,

of the sunset,

the golden breaths,

of the wilderness,

vivid scars,

of feelings and dreams,

an awaking,

and sprouting soul,

in timeless solitude.


Comments on: "Wilderness" (10)

  1. in the tree of time
    this is fine.
    peck and peck;
    don’t forget.

  2. it brings a poetic touch, I love it I must say.

  3. Beautiful. This poem makes me smell sunshine and pine!

  4. I don’t really understand this poem. I’ve read a few times to make sense of it. Is it just me? I feel as if it is because other commentators think it is beautiful. I’m not saying the words are not beautiful, but I struggle to find the meaning. Is whatever it makes me feel, what it actually means? I actually feel a sense of confusion and disjointedness. No offence meant, just looking for clarity.

    • Yea, basically this is a descriptive poem, or a poem describing a scene,
      every 2 or 3 lines characterize some of the objects or entities appertaining to the scenery that is a snowfield,
      and i’m fond of describing things in a fresh original sometimes eccentric way,
      for example a bird pecking at fantasy, it simply means a bird pecking at litterfalls,
      that appear fantastic or fanciful with the encompassing sunshine and dews.
      The meaning of this whole poem is i guess is that nature provides us with the feelings of positivity or auspiciousness,
      and we should go out and take a walk in the nature often, and we can find bits and pieces of inspiration in nature.

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