My Interpretation of Poetical Ideas, Messages, Information and Resources.


The world of rain,
blurred vision,
a proper reason,

to cry,
the gratification of,
getting drenched to the skin,
stampeding in under the crying sky,
traffic in the city sparking,
layers of spray,
a bridge made of,
iridescent umbrellas,
you and me,
little raindrops falling from heaven,
starting to travel through the earth,
falling on umbrellas,
landing on grass,
on glass,
on rocks,
on faces,
on our hearts,
the world of rain,
made us meet each other,
made us silent,
walking in the rain,
no direction,
shaking hands with raindrops,
collecting fresh air,
before the world disintegrates,
before it’s submerged,
little raindrops,
and fragile hearts,
and a wish bottle,
and memories,

thrown into the distance,

in the world of rain.


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