My Interpretation of Poetical Ideas, Messages, Information and Resources.


You stamp on the abattoir,

you eat clean vegetables,

and drink clear spring water,

they refine the wildness in humans,

they comfort your life,

let you embrace,

the harvest of the earth,

the clouds in the sky,

like a St. Bernard,

wagging its tail at you,

plants on the ground,

dance for you,

like elves and fairies,

deer and hares,

they put a forest and a hill,

into your dream,

there lives a docile sheep,

in your personality,

your great heart,

has no place for a butcher knife,

you keep watch over,

that patch of garden,

of fun, joy and hope,

the dream of your life,

embroidered with colors,

red, blue, violet and green,

and your life,

blossomed with,

grass, flowers and trees.


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