My Interpretation of Poetical Ideas, Messages, Information and Resources.

Time is_________________

Time is,
Venus that winks flirtatiously at night,

sunflowers that constantly chase the sun,
roses that bloom so fastastically,
an ancient tree that sways like the vicissitudes of life,
magic of wind and frost,
alternation of summer heat and cold wave,
meditative bell in a quiet secluded temple,
a sublime painting by a skilled artist,
ripples on a hometown river,
a journey across a strange vast desert,
candles of lovesickness,
tinkling spinning baby mobiles,
rolling plains of grasses,
little drawings on a cold window pane,
rotation of the globe of a tellurion,
attention-getting paper airplane in the air,
a vocalist waving a pen in his hand,
familiar places in the rearview mirror,
sailing of a dream around the clock,
light bulbs in Einsteins’ head,
a love poem hiding in a textbook,
time is,
changes in appearances,

refined life experiences,

firm tempered eyes,

windom that shines,

so brightly.


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  1. learningtocry said:

    Your poetry is beautiful and much more. Thanks for liking my recent posts at

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