My Interpretation of Poetical Ideas, Messages, Information and Resources.


I like the exuberance of spring,

everything withered puts on new attire,

and writes letters to dandelions.

I like summer,

seized by the song of cicadas,

romantic flowers,

and my wet clothes,

going home with the drizzle.

I like the vines of autumn,

maple leaves are red,

and wild geese are calm.

I like the winter snow,

that measures the footprints of happiness,

awaiting sincerely,

the warmth of spring.

I like the silence of the wind,

pathos of the clouds,

brightness of the day,

and you by my side.

I like drift bottle containing dreams,

yearbook carrying youthfulness,

the light blue sea in memory,

and a cafe where i can daydream.

I like watching the sunrise,

feeling the profoundness of nature,

awaiting the return of the migratory birds,

forgetting upsets and squeamishness.

I like the way life is.


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