My Interpretation of Poetical Ideas, Messages, Information and Resources.


Time is a mirror,

that reflects the rises and falls and turnovers in history,

time is a painting,

painted with the joy, anger and sorrow of the world,

time is a river,

with our youth flowing through,

time is a book,

based upon our most personal things,

time is fleeting,

time is ,

constant dripping that wears away a stone,

time is repentance,

time is,

never again,


everything’s going well,


everything’s beyond recognition,


wilderness turned into the ocean,


the world is more exciting.

With time,

the spring season returns to this vast land,

faces in the crowd keep multiplying,

snow mountain of a millennium melts and,

 trickles down into the vast ocean,

with time,

life no longer has an origin,

a vow may turn into lie,

the most earnest promise perhaps is,

only a deception,

every passion will return to,

only plainness,

and the deepest wound will,


With time,

we become more mature,

we learn to cherish our lives,

we no longer wander,

we no longer wait.


we need to seize it,

cherish it.


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