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The sound of flute

The dark blue sea,

a town of trees,

of red bricks and tiles,

sitting in the shade of a tree,


listening to the sweet sound of the flute,

the playful waves,

they come and disturb,

from time to time,

and for a moment,

they calm down,

perhaps the sound of the flute’s too beautiful,

too tempting,

even the sea can’t resist,

i am,

not gonna go see the other side of the boulder,

not gonna go to the manor’s garden,

not gonna go taste the tapas down the street,

the sound of flute,

so beautiful,

i’m not going anywhere for now,

the sea breeze,

so cool and fresh,

this town,

so full of style,

the flute,


this moment,

what a pleasure,

and it has,

 filled my heart.



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