My Interpretation of Poetical Ideas, Messages, Information and Resources.

Colors of life

Sitting at the window of a train,

casting a glance toward the vast wilderness,

God has sprinkled green on the terraced field,

and so there’s a bright color,

and emotional temptation to life,

the early summer breeze,

swamped with coolness,

the early morning sun,

leading me,

to the underpainting of life,

a field of green,

soaked with smiles,

gentle slopes of hills,

and everywhere is activated,

by emerald,

the poplars high as a penthouse,

and the the mushroom cloud,

wild grass everywhere,

shiny and glossy,

dotted with eager colorful flowers,

rivers and creeks,

beaming with joy,

winds are blowing wild and free,



melodies of green,


silver in a jade,

dancing and spinning,

kissing the air,

kissing the meandering wind,

the breadth of mind,

of the mighty blue sky,

overlaying the earth,

while the earth,

holding in its palm,

blueness and greenness,

of the mountains,

in this green lengthy winding,

deep feeling,

heart of the mysterious universe,

is beating.


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