My Interpretation of Poetical Ideas, Messages, Information and Resources.

The sea

Opening the window of June,

seashells of May,

still on the beach,

tides passing,

invisible sadness,

of the walkers,

tapping on the window of July,

the walls have been covered,

with June’s vines,

who’s still writing,

solemn poems,


the chapter of the season,

a window overlooking the sea,

you’re escaping,

your eyes on him.

Watching the sea,

through the window,

though the sun is still warm,

tired of waiting,

the beach at night is cool,

night market is the same,


neons lights are the same,


modern sounds,

with ancient musical accompaniment,

noisy acoutics,

disturbing my fantacies,

looking out the window,

watching the sea,

though nothing exciting,

the landscape is gray,

who would listen to this dialogue,

trees outside the window,

rocking quietly,

don’t remember whom it’s waiting,

feeling like,

oh you’ve been taken away from me,

they say,

you won’t come back.


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